Bonzo The Evil CLown

Bonzo The Evil Clown

Bonzo the Clown

The Man Behind the Mask

While my focus these days has mostly been on helping others bring their projects to life through film & editing, I still enjoy jumping in front of the camera on occasion.

Crowleys Tomb is a novel written by Casey Moore which tells the story of a band of brothers who take you on a non-stop, heart-pounding ride through the underworld where the teenagers battle against their own demons, the enemy and paranormal elements.

This story wouldn’t be complete without an Official Book Trailer which is where I can be seen briefly as “Bonzo The Clown”

On Casey’s Blog you’ll also find the Q&A about my time on the set of Crowleys Tomb & my background in acting READ MY INTERVIEW HERE

Cemetery Boys with Bonzo the Clown & Pig Face
Cemetery Boys, Bonzo and Pig Face
Your Tag Team Champions Bonzo & Pig Face
Bonzo and PigFace in action!
Take a little off the top pleaseTake a little off the top please



Crowley’s Tomb: Even Heaven Has Rebels

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